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Leaping4Education Learning Academy is designed to create distinguished

learners regardless of the socioeconomic status of the family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality childcare where there is an underrepresented population of underprivileged and underserved families in the community. It is our mission to provide quality childcare for all families in the community in a warm, nurturing, loving and educational environment. At Leaping4Education Learning Academy we are committed advocates of change. We are dedicated and committed to teaching others to succeed, and we are committed to changing lives and our community one day at a time. 

Our Vision


Provide high quality, developmentally appropriate childcare for children with a focus on the individual child’s age and ability to stimulate social, cognitive, physical, and emotional growth.


Provide a safe, nurturing, and recreational environment for school-age children while their parents work and/or attend school.


Provide opportunities for families to be involved with their children’s education and have access to parenting support and education.


Provide a curriculum which enables each child to develop new skills at their own ability levels, to prepare each child to succeed and to provide a safe, healthy environment for the children.


Provide a variety of activities in a safe, friendly, supportive environment.


Provide opportunities for parental involvement in the operations at the Academy.

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